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Laundry Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for the best way to wash clothes then check out our laundry tips and tricks:

Grease Stains: The most effective way to remove grease stains from laundry is to treat the stain with a dishwashing detergent that is formulated to remove grease. Rub it into the stain, let sit for a few minutes, then wash as usual. Believe it or not, grease is very effective at removing grease, so you could also rub Crisco into the stain, then launder.

Other Stains: Soak stains immediately. When you get a stain on something, take action immediately. If it dries, it’s permanent. When spills happen put the soiled article of clothing in a bucket full of water with a little detergent until you have time to treat the stain. The trick is to let the item soak and then treat the stain with a stain remover, not the other way around.

Caring for Cotton: In addition to being one of the most comfortable fabrics, cotton can withstand numerous washing over a range of temperatures and also responds well to color-safe bleach and a good detergent. It also absorbs water better than any other fabric, so you can fight even the toughest stains pretty easily. To keep cottons comfy and looking good: For quick stain pre-treating, apply water, seltzer or an ice cube to the affected area. To remove even really dirty stains, presoak in detergent before washing. § Avoid hot water and hot dryer temperatures if the item is made of cotton knit. Knits are more vulnerable to shrinkage. § Tumble dry, just long enough to remove wrinkles and moisture. Too much heat can set wrinkles and shrink some cotton fabrics. § Store cotton out of sunlight as overexposure may weaken or yellow fibers. Always store cotton dry to avoid damaging mildew.

Caring for Rayon: Always check the garment care label before cleaning a rayon item. Many rayon clothes may require hand washing or dry-cleaning. Here are some basic care instructions for rayon: § If hand washing, use warm water and soap; then gently squeeze (don’t wring or twist) to dry. § If machine washing, use the gentle cycle and avoid using chlorine bleach. § If ironing, iron damp with a low to medium iron; use a press cloth or iron on the wrong side to avoid shine. § If dry clean only, you can use a home dry cleaning kit.

Caring for Prewashed Denim: Even if your jeans are prewashed, they can still fade and shrink over time, especially if you do not follow the care label instructions. There are certain precautions that one can take to maintain color and fit: § Always turn the jeans inside out for laundering. § Wash in cold water with a cold water detergent. § Never use bleach. § If the care label instructions recommend drying in a dryer, be sure not to use hotter than recommended dryer temperatures and take the jeans out of the dryer while they are still slightly damp. Then lay your jeans on a towel to dry or, if possible, hang them so that no part of the jean is folded over.

Caring for Down: Whether it’s a coat, comforter or pillow, down-filled items require special care. Before treating any down garment, always first refer to the instructions on the care label. Be consistent when cleaning – stick to the dry cleaning or washing each time. If washing, follow these guidelines: § Choose regular cycle, normal spin. § Start washer and add detergent. § Submerge items when washer is half full. § Balance wash load by adding towels or washing two similarly colored and sized items at the same time. § Stop washer occasionally to press air from items being washed. § Tumble dry low. Add several dry bath towels and a clean pair of tennis shoes to the dryer to help tumbling action and fluff up down filling.

Wrinkle Tip: If you DO happen to forget about the clothes in your dryer and then unload your items only to realize you’ve got a wrinkly mess on your hands, then simply dampen a washcloth with some water, toss it in with the clothes you want unwrinkled, set your dryer to hot and tumble everything back around for about 10-15 minutes.

Sorting Tip: Learn how to sort. This is one of the essentials of how to do laundry. It’s not just about whites, darks, and delicates… your clothes will wind up much cleaner if you separate them not just by color, but also by fabric type and water temperature. Ideally, make five separate piles for colors: whites (entirely white), light colors that include striped whites, darks (blacks, blues, and browns), bright colors (reds, yellows, and oranges), and delicates. Then to prevent lint from spreading, separate linty fabrics like towels, flannels, and sweatshirts from corduroys, permanent press, and other smooth fabrics that can pill.